chapter 11 – Kismet

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Chapter 11 



Cover Art by Shakaib Feroz

Conversations with Anas Riasat

Short Stories:

‘A Poisoned Gift’ by P.C. Darkcliff
‘Cemetery Blues’ by Mark Kuglin
‘Psychic Mosaic’ by Sam Phillips [Sam M. Phillips – Author]
‘Brian, Rich, and the Wardrobe’ by Gregg Cunningham


‘Deniable Appearance’ by Nerisha Ramjiwan
‘What Lies Are For’ by Stephan and Shawn Klimek [Shawn M Klimek Author]

Featured Artist: Art of Ahmed Rawi
Featured Photographer: Azamat Zhanisov

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh

Articles by Umair Mirxa – Author and Fareeha Umair
Magazine Design by Umair Mirxa
Website Design by Hasan Kazim
Story Art by Shakaib Feroz
Drabble Illustrations by Warda Shakaib


Chapter 10


Cover Art by Norbert Somosi [NoSo]


Conversations with Sam Phillips [Sam M. Phillips – Author]

Short Stories:

‘Of Note’ by Mehreen Ahmed
‘Crow Barn’ by DC Diamondopolous – Cover Art by Anas Riasat
‘Dragon in a Box’ by Steven Carr
‘An Illusionary Journey’ by Bruce Rowe – Cover Art by Shahan Zaidi


‘Ravens’ by Shawn M Klimek Author
‘Unholy Being’ – Written and Illustrated by Shahan Zaidi

Featured Artist: Aisha Ullah
Featured Photographer: Daniel Ferrandiz

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh

Recommendations by Fakher Ahmed Shakeel

Articles by Umair Mirxa and Fareeha Umair

Magazine Design by Umair Mirxa
Website Design by Hasan Kazim
Story Covers by Shakaib Feroz
Drabble Illustrations by Warda Shakaib


Chapter 9



Conversations with Norbert Somosi

Short Stories:

‘Frankie Takes a Walk’ by Mark Kuglin
‘Matty’s Story’ by Nerisha Kemraj
‘Gulnare of the East’ by Riham Adly
‘The Fall of the Fire Guard’ by Sam Phillips


‘A Fossil’s Lament’ by Rich Rurshell

‘ Soulful Dog ‘ by Hasan Kazim

Featured Artist – Anas Riasat

Featured Photographer – Jyrki Sorjonen

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh
Recommendations by Shoaib Zia

Articles by Umair Mirxa and Fareeha Umair
Magazine Design by Umair Mirxa
Website Design by Hasan Kazim
Art and Illustrations by Shakaib Feroz

Cover Art by Saad Irfan

Chapter 8



Articles by Umair Mirxa:
Ancient Mythology – The Gods and Goddesses of Rome
World History – Ancient Mesopotamia

Conversations with Mark Kuglin

Short Stories:
‘Piper’s Magical Christmas’ by Bruce Rowe
‘The Snow Prince’ by Mark Kodama
‘The Magician’s Traveling Circus’ by Steven Carr

Poem – ‘The Art of Hunger’ by Shawn M Klimek Author with Illustrations by NoSo

Featured Artist – Norbert Somosi
Featured Photographer – Federico Rizzarelli

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh:
‘Exchanging Gifts with a Demon’

Lifestyle Calls and Tales of Travel by Fareeha Umair
Recommendations by Shahan Zaidi


Chapter 7



Conversations with P.A. O’Neil, Storyteller
Short Story – ‘A Deal with Hemlock’ by Emily Fluckiger
Short Story – ‘A Positive Session’ by Patt O’Neil
Short Story – ‘Scarecrow Shuffle’ by Julie Eger aka Author Copper Rose
Flash Fiction – ‘Hunger’ by Silvana McGuire
Poem – ‘Distance’ by Nerisha Kemraj
Poem – ‘Mandala’ by Kelly Rivera
Featured Artist – Mushk Rizvi
Recommendations – Farheen Shahzeb Khan

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh

Featured Photographer Diana Parkhouse

Chapter 6

Fantasy Lands


Conversations with Christopher Paolini
Short Stories by Steve CarrMark KuglinRich Rurshell

Flash Fiction by David Bowmore
Poetry by Shawn Klimek

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh
Featured Artists Nicolas Arnold and Adnan Ali
Photography by Mazza Viscoli
Recommendations by Warda Shakaib

Chapter 5



Conversations with Aditya Deshmukh & Team Pro-Karters
Short Stories by Bruce Rowe & Patt O’Neil
Poetry by Matt Pollock

Drabbles by Aditya Deshmukh
Art by Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Photography by Hasan Kazim
Recommendations by Shakaib Feroz

Chapter 4



Conversations with Grant Hudson
Short Story by Mehreen Ahmed
Flash Fiction by David Bowmore
Poetry by Shawn Klimek & Kelly Rivera
Art by Saad Irfan
Photography by Ashhad Ali
Recommendations by Areeba Hasan & Omair Bin Asim Khan

Chapter 3

Caught Offside


Conversations with Mehreen Ahmed
Short Stories by Steven CarrMark Kodama
Poetry by Jack Wolfe Frost
Art by Marek Denko
Photography by Emre Erden
Recommendations by Hasan Kazim


Chapter 2



Conversations with Shahan Zaidi
Short Story by Mark Bruce
Poetry by Aditya Deshmukh
Art by Shahan Zaidi and Zehra Asghar
Photography by Fasih Ahmed
Recommendations by Fareeha Umair


Chapter 1



Conversations with Steven Carr
Short Story by Steven Carr 
Poetry by Mark Kodama
Art by Steven Stahlberg
Photography by Ading Attamimi
Recommendations by Umair Mirxa

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